This year I went to Texas for Christmas. Christmas is in December. For the first time I went roller blading. Roller blading is basically roller skating, but all for wheels are in the center of the shoe. I also visited my cousins, grandma, grandpa, aunts, and uncles. My favorite gifts were the Legend of Zelda […]

Art Lit #2

In Art Lit we learned about Grant Wood. He was a Realist painter who is famous for his paintings of the American Midwest. He was born in Iowa in 1891 and died just before his 51st Birthday. He owned only two of his own paintings. We made our own landscape art inspired by Grant Wood. […]


Have you ever seen someone get bullied? Did you stand up to them and help out the person who is getting bullied? I don’t mean punch the bully or kick them. Just walk up and sit next to the kid until they go away. Or you can say, “What are you doing.” Then they would […]